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DHKP-C Terrorist Gets 3-Year Jail Term In Germany

20.06.2024 15:42

Suspect was group’s local leader in city of Mannheim, according to German authorities.

A German court on Thursday sentenced a member of the far-left terror group DHKP-C to three years in jail.

The 44-year-old, whose name was not given in line with privacy laws, was found guilty of "membership of a foreign terrorist group" and acting as the group's local leader in the city of Mannheim.

The Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart has concluded that the accused carried out several roles within the terror group, such as recruiting young people, organizing propaganda events, and collecting money for DHKP-C members.

Germany banned the DHKP-C in 2000, but the group is still active in the country, and has around 600 followers among the immigrant population, according to the domestic intelligence agency BfV.

Besides Türkiye, the US, and European Union list the DHKP-C as a terror organization. The group claimed responsibility for various terror attacks, including a 2013 that targeted the US Embassy in Ankara.

Ankara has repeatedly urged its NATO ally Germany to stop tolerating terror groups, which use the country as a platform for their activities against Turkiye. -

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