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Former Spanish Football Player Jose Ignacio Peleterio Converts To Islam

23.02.2024 21:12

Peleterio, who played for Eibar, Brentford, and Birmingham City, declares in video that he became a Muslim.

Former Spanish football player Jose Ignacio (Jota) Peleterio has converted to Islam, he announced in a video.

Peleterio, 32, who played for clubs such as Eibar, Brentford, and Birmingham City, declared in the video that he became a Muslim after learning about Islam through his friend of 11 years, former Kuwaiti football player Faisal Buresli, Spanish media outlet Marca said on Friday.

The ex-football player said that he is "so happy and powerful" to be a Muslim, adding that becoming one was the "best moment" in his life, and thanked Buresli for this.

He also repeated the Islamic testimony of faith, the Shahada: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."

Peleterio added that when he had dinner at Buresli's house, the mother of his friend served Peleterio a cake with "Welcome to Islam" written in icing.

Born in A Pobra do Caraminal in northwestern Spain, Peleterio played for Real Madrid Castilla, Celta Vigo, Eibar, and Alaves while he was in Spain. He was also at Brentford, Birmingham City, and Aston Villa in England.

Peleterio retired from football in 2021. -

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