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German Chancellor Sees 'No Reason' To Recognize Palestinian State

24.05.2024 17:12

Current focus should be on ‘achieving a longer term ceasefire’ and ‘ensuring that everyone involved commits to the two state solution,’ says Olaf Scholz.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Friday that his country is currently not planning to recognize Palestine as a state.

There is "no reason" to recognize the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a separate state, Scholz explained on Friday when asked by a journalist at a press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister Luis Montenegro.

"There is no clarity about the national territory or about all other questions that are related to it," Scholz said, while adding it's "not that far yet."

He reiterated the need for "a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians that amounts to a two-state solution," which he said also includes a Palestinian Authority that is responsible for the West Bank and Gaza.

"But we're not there yet," said Scholz, adding that now it is about "achieving a longer-term ceasefire" and "ensuring that everyone involved commits to the two-state solution".

Spain, Ireland and Norway had previously announced this week that they would recognize Palestine as a separate state at the end of May. Israel then reacted indignantly. According to Portugal's prime minister, his country will not initially take this step.

However, he said Portugal had voted for Palestine to be recognized as a full member of the UN. -

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