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Israel Says It Targeted Hezbollah Military Structure In Southern Lebanon

15.06.2024 10:57

Army says fighter jets struck building in Kfar Kila.

Israel has claimed targeting a Hezbollah military structure in southern Lebanon Friday night.

In a statement on Saturday, the army said fighter jets struck the building in the area of ​​Kfar Kila.

It added that two missiles were also launched from Lebanon towards the area of Miron, Upper Galilee region, but no casualties were reported.

Cross-border tensions have continued between Israel and Hezbollah since the outbreak of the war on Gaza last October.

The military confrontation escalated as Hezbollah on Thursday said it fired over 100 rockets at Israeli military positions in response to the killing of one of its top commanders.

The group says it would halt its attacks on Israel when the war on Gaza ends.

On Friday, the Israeli army proposed concluding its military offensive in the southern Gaza Strip at Rafah and redirecting its efforts towards a new offensive in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli Channel 12 reported that "the Israeli army's Northern Command is focusing on targets that will reduce Hezbollah's offensive capabilities."

*Writing by Ikram Kouachi​​​​​​​ -

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