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Let's meet Iran's new leader! Here is the path that leads from the source of money to the top.

Let's meet Iran's new leader! Here is the path that leads from the source of money to the top.

22.05.2024 16:42

The life and background of Iran's interim President Muhammad Muhbir, who took office after the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, has become a subject of curiosity. The 69-year-old Muhbir, who took over from Reisi, is known for managing the finances of Iran's leader Ali Khamenei. Muhbir is also known as the chief expert who keeps the struggling Iranian economy afloat amidst sanctions imposed by the EU and the US.

Iranian leader Ali Khamenei announced that according to the relevant article of the constitution, the duties of the presidency will be carried out by First Deputy Muhammed Muhbir until the election, following the death of President Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. The identity of Muhbir has become a matter of curiosity.

After the helicopter crash on the return journey following the inauguration of the dam with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Iranian Foreign Minister Huseyin Emir Abdullahiyan and President Raisi lost their lives. In place of President Raisi, First Deputy Muhammed Muhbir was appointed.

Muhammed Muhbir was born in the city of Dezful in Iran's Khuzestan province in 1955. Muhbir, who graduated from electrical engineering, completed his doctorate in economic planning and management and international law.

Muhbir, who was appointed as the First Deputy Presidency in 2021, had previously served as a member of the Council for Determining the Interests of the System, General Manager of Sinabank, President of the Implementation Foundation of Imam Khomeini's Orders (Foundation), Director of Customs and Transportation of the Mustazafan Foundation, and Deputy Governor of Khuzestan.

It is known that 69-year-old Muhbir, known as "Khamenei's treasurer," has reached this high position by managing most of the money of religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for years. Muhbir, known as the "resistance" economy expert for sustaining Iran despite years of global sanctions, is also recognized as the head of the "Implementation Center of Imam Khomeini," which operates under the influence of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and was included in the sanctions list by the US Treasury Department in January 2021 for seizing lands and properties belonging to regime opponents, religious minorities, and exiles.

President Raisi attended the dam inauguration ceremony on the Iran-Azerbaijan border yesterday. Raisi, along with Foreign Minister Huseyin Emir Abdullahiyan and some officials, had a helicopter crash on the return journey. Upon Iran's request, Turkey assigned the Akinci unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for search and rescue operations. The coordinates of the helicopter wreckage detected by the Akinci UAV were shared with Iranian authorities. Iranian teams reaching the identified point determined that there were no survivors from the crash.

Following the confirmation of Raisi's death, First Deputy Muhammed Muhbir was appointed as the interim president. According to the Iranian Constitution, a committee consisting of the Speaker of the Parliament, the Head of the Judiciary, and the First Deputy President must make arrangements for the new president to be elected within a maximum of 50 days. In Iran, presidents are elected by the people from among the candidates approved by the Guardian Council.

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