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Peruvian President Reshuffles Cabinet Amid Rolex Scandal

02.04.2024 17:57

Dina Boluarte named 6 new ministers to Cabinet amid corruption investigation into undeclared luxury watches.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte sacked six ministers amid controversy concerning a corruption investigation regarding Rolex luxury watches.

Late Monday, Boluarte announced a change at the head of foreign trade, agriculture, interior, women's issues, education and production ministries.

She swore in the six new members of the Cabinet out of the 18 ministries that make up the government in a ceremony at the Government Palace.

The shuffle comes amid intense pressure from lawmakers who will vote Wednesday to confirm or reject the Cabinet. If the new list of ministers is rejected, the president would have to return with a new list of names.

The changes occur at a vulnerable time for Boluarte, who is involved in a political crisis triggered by an investigation of alleged illicit enrichment that began March 18 when media reports revealed the president has been wearing expensive watches since taking office in December 2022.

In Peru, authorities must declare assets that exceed 10,300 soles, or $2,774, and report gifts received from third parties. Prosecutors argue that Boluarte did not declare the luxury items.

As part of the investigation, the Government Palace and the president's house were raided last weekend with the support of officials from the public prosecutor's office and the police.

The police are under the command of the Ministry of the Interior, whose head, Victor Torres, resigned Monday after being questioned about the way the raids occurred. Torres said his resignation was due to "family and health issues."

The president defended herself by saying the expensive watches she has used were obtained with her own "effort" because she has been working since she was 18 years old and insisted she would not resign.

Boluarte is due to give a statement to investigators Friday. If indicted, Boluarte will not undergo a trial until after her presidential term ends in July 2026 or in the event she is impeached. -

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