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"Pouring gasoline into the fire again! Memhet Büyükekşi's words that will be talked about a lot: Some emphasized violence, profanity, and chaos." Translation:

22.05.2024 17:26

The President of the Turkish Football Federation, Mehmet Büyükekşi, expressed his dissatisfaction with certain club executives during a live broadcast. Büyükekşi pointed out that these executives tend to prioritize violence, offensive language, disorder, and threats, which ultimately diminishes the overall reputation of football.

The President of the Turkish Football Federation, Mehmet Büyükekşi, participated in a live broadcast on TRT Sport and made some statements that will generate widespread discussion regarding the current issues in Turkish football.

When asked about his plans to support the success of Turkish teams in Europe next season if he remains in office, Büyükekşi responded, "We will discuss this later. I am not in a very favorable position."

Continuing his remarks, Büyükekşi emphasized, "I want to underline this, especially." "Unfortunately, this season we have witnessed undesirable behavior from some club executives during certain matches. Football is the most beloved sport in the world, and it is meant to promote friendship and brotherhood. However, some club executives have prioritized violence, profanity, chaos, and threats, forgetting the true essence of the game. They have diminished the value of football as a brand. We must eliminate these issues as soon as possible and restore the values of friendship, peace, brotherhood, and sportsmanship. To achieve unity and brotherhood in society, all stakeholders must come together. I invite the entire football community to act in this manner."

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