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South Korea, US Hold Joint Air Drills Amid Tensions With North Korea

23.02.2024 17:42

US F 35s operate from Japan in South Korea joint air exercises.

South Korea and the US held joint air drills, the South Korean Air Force said on Friday.

The exercise featured advanced F-35A fighter jets from both nations in a united front amid rising tensions with North Korea, Seoul-based Yonhap reported.

Focused on refining joint operational capabilities, the drills showcased the prowess of the latest-generation stealth fighters alongside South Korean KF-16s, F-15Ks, and other aircraft.

The Air Force noted that F-35As engaged in defensive counter-air maneuvers, including intercepting simulated enemy jets and missiles.

Notably, the US fighter jets operated from Okinawa, Japan, due to the absence of F-35s among US units stationed in South Korea.

This display of airpower comes just days after North Korea's fifth missile launch this year, further escalating regional anxieties.

The joint exercise underscores the commitment of South Korea and the US to strengthen deterrence against North Korean threats. -

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