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The dispute between the mayors of Bolu and Düzce is growing steadily.

The dispute between the mayors of Bolu and Düzce is growing steadily.

09.07.2024 16:00

The debate between Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan from the CHP and Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü from the AK Party over 'Bolu mountain or Düzce mountain?' continues. Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan stated that Faruk Özlü almost lost the Düzce Mayorship to folk singer Davut Güloğlu from the Yeniden Refah Party. Responding to Tanju Özcan, Faruk Özlü said, "You have a pathological obsession with Düzce, you are afraid, you are stressed."

The debate that started yesterday after the statement of Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü, "It's not Bolu Mountain, it's Düzce Mountain," continued today. Today, Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan sent a message to Faruk Özlü, without mentioning any names, and also included singer Davut Güloğlu in the discussion. Tanju Özcan said, "As the name suggests, Bolu Mountain belongs to Bolu. I didn't say be smart for no reason! You are no longer a minister. You turned our former district Düzce into a village! With these unsuccessful actions, you were losing Düzce, which is the stronghold of the AKP, to a folk singer! Stop creating empty agendas and focus on your work! I can take Akçakoca away from you! I love and respect the people of Düzce. But you have become someone who relies on such polemics because you haven't contributed anything to Düzce. First, disclose your debts and explain how you bankrupted Düzce Municipality, then give me a lesson in municipal administration!!! As for the level issue, you speak like the sheriff of a town, not a mayor. Don't make me speak more, don't make me talk like Recep Abi."

The debate between Bolu and Düzce Mayors is growing


Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü, in response to Tanju Özcan, used the following statements:

"Tanju Özcan... I'm really trying hard not to stoop to your low level. But I'm starting to figure out this 'Akçakoca obsession' in you! Come over here at some point. But let your driver use your car when you come. You got it! I would really love to give you a 'lesson in municipal administration' at some point. You wouldn't understand, but municipalities are the locomotives of cities. For example, the town you call a village, Düzce; it produces twice as much as Bolu and exports with 2 billion dollars, ranking in the top 20 in Turkey. Moreover, this town has a population that is 70 thousand more than Bolu. It has 35 thousand university students and 5 industrial zones that are the dynamo of production. And we, the people of Düzce, have achieved all of this in the last 20 years by working hand in hand. That's why you have a pathological obsession with Düzce, you're afraid, you're stressed. But of course, you're right to be afraid of Düzce. Don't be afraid, just learn and keep up. I know your mind is not capable of understanding these matters, exports, production, etc. Your mind is elsewhere. Let go of your dreams of taking anything away from us, and look at what you have given to Bolu."

The debate between Bolu and Düzce Mayors is growing

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