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The mother who shared the video of her baby crying during a three-hour plane journey divided internet users.

The mother who shared the video of her baby crying during a three-hour plane journey divided internet users.

09.07.2024 15:10

A mother sparked a debate on TikTok after her baby cried continuously during a three-hour plane journey. Jess Spaulding, the mother, shared videos on social media of her baby crying. Spaulding wanted other mothers to know that if their baby cries for a long time, it is not their fault. The video has been viewed 28 million times and has caused debates among viewers.

An mother sparked a debate on TikTok about traveling with a baby when she shared footage of her baby crying continuously during a three-hour plane journey.


In the viral video, which has been viewed 28 million times, Jess Spaulding (@jess.spaulding) is seen trying to calm her daughter Charlotte while tears stream down her face. Spaulding admitted that she felt "increasingly defeated" throughout the journey, but she wanted to share the video to let other mothers know that it wasn't their fault if their baby cried for a long time.

Spaulding tried to reassure her baby by saying, "We will never see these people again. Everything will be okay." However, she also told her followers that she felt like everyone on the plane hated her and wanted to cry along with her baby.

In the video's description, Spaulding provided more details about the situation, writing, "This post is not meant to discourage you from flying with your baby. It's just a reminder that sometimes you can't stop your baby from crying for a long time. Many people here know that Charlotte is usually a happy baby who doesn't cry. But sometimes you can try everything and still can't stop them."


Spaulding continued, "I shared this post to remind mothers who have experienced this situation that it's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong, and you're not a bad mother. Strong mothers!! I hear that everything will get better."

Spaulding's post sparked debates on TikTok. Commenters were divided between those who said the situation was a "nightmare as a passenger" and those who empathized with the mother. One person said, "I feel sorry for you, no one offered to help."

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