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They have become the farmer's worst nightmare! A massive swarm of locusts is heading towards the Muş Plain.

They have become the farmer's worst nightmare! A massive swarm of locusts is heading towards the Muş Plain.

10.07.2024 00:01

The swarms of locusts advancing towards the Muş Plain have become a nightmare for the farmers in the province. The bush locusts, seen in swarms, are causing damage to plants by covering the village roads and oak leaves. Farmers, expressing that the locusts are seen in swarms this year as well, are afraid of their cultivated fields being damaged.

Swarm of bush grasshoppers seen on the high slopes of Muş are moving towards Muş Plain, covering the village road and oak leaves surfaces.

Villagers and farmers are concerned about the damage caused by the grasshopper swarms to cultivated areas. Especially the steep and mountainous areas, as well as the city center, Hasköy and Korkut districts, and the Üçevler Group village road where 11 villages and approximately 30 hamlets are located, the grasshopper swarms seen are causing concern among the citizens.


Aydın Altıkara, one of the citizens, stated that the grasshoppers are seen in swarms this year as well, just like every year, and said, "These grasshopper swarms appear every year in this season. They cause damage to cultivated areas, forested areas, and meadows. Bush grasshoppers are a harmful species. Their numbers have decreased with the rain. However, they are still seen in meadows everywhere. There are swarms of grasshoppers every step of the way. We are concerned that they will damage cultivated areas."

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