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Turkish Cypriots Celebrate Their Peace And Freedom

Turkish Cypriots Celebrate Their Peace And Freedom

20.07.2012 18:00

Friday marks the 38th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation.

Friday marks the 38th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation. In the festive time, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) is celebrating with the Peace & Freedom Festival. Turkish President Abdullah Gul was among a few dignitaries who congratulated the nation.

In a message directed to TRNC President Dervis Eroglu, Gul said the Cyprus Peace Operation that occurred July 20, 1974 marked the beginning of Turkish Cypriots governing themselves and that Turkey would always support them. Gul added that the resolving of the 50 year long Cyprus problem would result to cooperation, security and prosperity that would benefit Cyprus Island and the whole Eastern Mediterranean region also.

Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek also commented on the historic day saying "I celebrate the festival of Turkish Cypriot people who have been struggling against all pressures, while preserving their existence, rights and laws for more than half a century".

In 1960, a partnership state between Turkish and Greek Cypriots was set up in accordance with the international agreements signed by the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides, as well as the Turkish, Greek and British governments. However, in 1963, only three years later, the Turkish Cypriots were ousted by force from all organs of the new Republic by their Greek Cypriot partners in clear breach of the founding agreements and the Constitution. The claim put forth thereafter by the Greek Cypriots to represent the "Republic of Cyprus" has been illegal, and has not been recognized by Turkey. The 1974 attempt by Greece to annex the island, through a coup attempt, was resisted by Turkey in accordance with the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee. Consequently, Turkish Cypriots set up their own Republic, while continuing the search for reconciliation.

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