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Türkiye 'A Genuine Ally' During Critical Times: Kuwaiti Ambassador

23.02.2024 01:42

‘For Kuwait, Türkiye holds a unique place. Kuwait also holds a special place in Türkiye,’ says Wael Yousuf al Enzi.

Türkiye has emerged as a "genuine ally," especially in critical situations, the Ambassador of Kuwait said Thursday during a reception at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Ankara to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of Kuwait National Day and the 33rd anniversary of Liberation Day.

Noting that relations between Kuwait and Türkiye were established in the 1960s, Wael Yousuf al-Enzi said "Türkiye has emerged as a genuine ally, particularly during critical times, such as when the Iraqi regime invaded Kuwait, where Türkiye took significant steps to support Kuwait."

The event was attended by Turkish Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Yildiz and other high-ranking officials and guests.

Speaking at the event, al-Enzi said they could not come together for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Feb. 6, 2023 earthquakes in Türkiye centered in Kahramanmaras. He expressed his condolences over those who lost their lives.

Al-Enzi pointed out that the anniversary of Kuwait's National and Liberation Days coincides this year with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kuwait and Türkiye.

Congratulating the Kuwaiti government and people, he highlighted the strong and stable relationships built on global friendship and security principles that connect Kuwait with allies, including Türkiye.

Al-Enzi highlighted the depth of solidarity and cooperation shown by Türkiye's stance and posture in the face of challenges.

He said that 62 agreements and memoranda of understanding have been signed between the two countries to date.

Türkiye, Kuwait's commitments to promoting harmony, peaceful resolution of conflicts

Al-Enzi highlighted that Türkiye and Kuwait stand on common and solid ground in the field of foreign policy.

"Our commitment to promoting harmony and peacefully resolving conflicts is evident in Kuwait hosting the Yemen peace talks and Türkiye's efforts for peace between Russia and Ukraine. Also, the joint efforts to host three meetings bringing together international donors for Syria in Kuwait are clear indicators of this commitment," he said.

He said that both countries serve as role models in implementing laws that protect and respect human rights and strengthening the rule of law at the international level.

He also noted the joint efforts in combating radicalism and terrorism.

Pointing out the close cooperation between Kuwait and Türkiye in the fields of economy, defense, security, culture, trade, health and investment, Al-Enzi announced plans to open a health attaché office in Türkiye to increase health tourism.

Al-Enzi said that Kuwaiti students can pursue education at universities in Türkiye and the country is the preferred tourism destination for Kuwaiti citizens.

He further said that Kuwait aims to enhance bilateral relations through high-level visits, promotion of investments and the expansion of the trade volume.

"We constantly desire to improve and strengthen our relations with Türkiye and all brotherly and friendly countries. We believe that these relations will always be a role model for international cooperation and partnership and will symbolize sincere brotherhood," al-Enzi said.

While praying for the security and stability of Kuwait, Al-Enzi also prayed for the protection of Palestine and Gaza and for Palestinians to live in peace and stability in a sovereign and independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital within the 1967 borders.

Türkiye's 'unique place' for Kuwait

Al-Enzi celebrated the 60th anniversary of the two countries' relations and expressed hope for their further development.

"For Kuwait, Türkiye holds a unique place. Kuwait also holds a special place in Türkiye. Approximately 500,000 Kuwaiti citizens visit Türkiye every year. Türkiye has become the first destination for the Kuwaiti people. We have very privileged relations with Türkiye," he told Anadolu.

He pointed out that the relationship between Türkiye and Kuwait is "exemplary on the international stage."

Noting that they are preparing to open a Kuwait health office in Istanbul soon, Al-Enzi said it would deal with citizens coming to Türkiye for treatment in local hospitals.

Emphasizing Türkiye's privileged position in the military and defense industry, Al-Enzi said that Kuwait will also collaborate with Türkiye in this field.

*Writing by Esra Tekin in Istanbul -

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