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Türkiye Denies Reports Of Meeting Between Foreign Minister, Greek Orthodox Patriarch At Ukraine Peace Summit

20.06.2024 05:57

'We have requested an explanation from Switzerland and Ukraine, the organizers of the summit, regarding these claims," says spokesman Oncu Keceli.

Türkiye on Wednesday denied reports that Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had an official meeting with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew on the sidelines of the Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Onder Keceli said reports claiming that the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate participated in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine at the Burgenstock resort in Switzerland from June 15-16 with the status of a state and that Fidan had an official bilateral meeting with Bartholomew on the margins of the summit "do not reflect the truth."

Keceli also addressed allegations that the name of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate was later added as a signatory to the joint communique adopted and released to the public at the end of the summit.

"We have requested an explanation from Switzerland and Ukraine, the organizers of the summit, regarding these claims," he said.

He also emphasized that there has been no change in Türkiye's state policy regarding the status of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate. -

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