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Türkiye's TCG Kinaliada Corvette, Japan's Destroyer Conduct Joint Training

20.06.2024 14:57

TCG Kinaliada Corvette visited Japan to mark 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Japan, says Turkish National Defense Ministry.

Türkiye's TCG Kinaliada corvette, the fourth ship of the Ada-class of the Turkish Navy, and Japan's destroyer JS Takanami (110) conducted joint training on Thursday.

The TCG Kinaliada Corvette had visited Japan to mark the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Japan, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said on X.

The corvette went on a voyage to Japan in April to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Turkish-Japanese diplomatic relations and the 134th anniversary of the Ottoman-era frigate Ertugrul's departure for Japan.

On July 14, 1889, the Ertugrul set sail on its final voyage as a gesture of goodwill to Japan. On Sept. 19, 1890, it encountered a typhoon off Japan and sank, resulting in the loss of more than 500 sailors and officers. Only 69 survived the tragic incident, which is still marked as a landmark of the friendship between Türkiye and Japan

*Writing by Gozde Bayar -

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