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US Police Warning Force Pro-Palestine Protestors To Leave Encampment At Drexel University: Report

23.05.2024 18:57

'Campers packed up their belongings for the most part and left by their own free will,' CBS News quotes Philadelphia police spokesman.

A pro-Palestinian encampment on the Drexel University campus in the American city of Philadelphia was cleared Thursday after the school called police, according to reports.

News outlets, including NBC Philadelphia, citing police sources, said protestors packed up their belongings and left the encampment after a warning by police.

Philadelphia's Public Information Officer, Eric Gripp, told reporters that police entered the Korman Family Quad where tents were set up several days ago, around 5 a.m. local time, and told protestors that the encampment was unauthorized.

"Seemingly without any pushback whatsoever, over the course of about 15 - 20 minutes, the campers packed up their belongings for the most part and left by their own free will," Gripp was "ed by CBS News.

The encampment was set up at Korman Quad on May 18, with students demanding the school divest from Israel and support a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. The encampment prompted the university to move to virtual classes early in the week.

Drexel's administrators repeatedly called for the encampment to disband, citing disruptions to normal university operations and concerns about the conduct of some participants. The university had announced it would return to "normal operations" on Thursday. -

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