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US Senate Majority Leader Says He Hopes House Passes Foreign Aid Package 'Without Further Delay'

19.04.2024 22:12

Chuck Schumer says bill with total $95B in aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel could be quickly passed by Senate to be signed by President Biden.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Friday he hopes the House will pass a combined $95 billion foreign aid package – including Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel – "without further delay."

"I hope the House gets this legislation passed without further delay," Schumer said a day before the House is scheduled to take up four supplemental bills, designed to be later combined into a single package.

House Speaker Mike Johnson recently unveiled his plan to hold votes on the four separate foreign aid bills, a move that angered some far-right House Republicans, with some even vowing now to unseat him.

Besides aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan totaling $95 billion, the fourth bill includes other national security priorities, including a TikTok ban (if it continues to be owned by a Chinese firm), a provision to help pay for aid by using seized Russian assets, and sanctions and other measures to confront Russia, China and Iran.

Schumer said if the House sends the Senate a national security package, they will move "quickly" to send it to President Joe Biden.

"I hope the House gets this done very soon, because delay on this national security funding has cost America and cost our allies dearly," he stressed, referring to reports Ukraine has faced setbacks fighting off Russia due to a lack of aid from the US.

Schumer said he met on Thursday with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who told him how difficult the war has become for Ukrainian fighters who are now running out of ammo and air defenses and other basic needs.

"He told me that if America doesn't stand with Ukraine, they will lose the war. Simple, as that," Schumer added.

The Biden administration has urged both chambers of the Congress to quickly send the supplemental funding package to the Biden's desk to be signed. -

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