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What will be the minimum pension amount? Here are the 3 figures presented to Minister Şimşek.

What will be the minimum pension amount? Here are the 3 figures presented to Minister Şimşek.

09.07.2024 10:10

AK Party has initiated a work to increase the minimum pension. 1.8 million retirees with a base salary below 10 thousand liras will benefit from the regulation. Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Işıkhan, prepared 3 alternative figures for retirees by conducting a study on this matter. Minister Işıkhan presented his study to the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mehmet Şimşek.

The amounts adjusted in line with the inflation figures for the month of June will be deposited into the accounts of millions of civil servants and retirees starting next week. SSI and Bağ-Kur retirees will receive a 24.73% increase in July. However, there are still retirees whose increased salary will remain below 10,000 liras due to their low base salary. It has been revealed that Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan has conducted a comprehensive study on this issue, which has caused great hardship. Minister Vedat Işıkhan's study consists of three alternatives:

  1. Increasing it to 11,500 TL,
  2. Increasing it to 12,000 TL,
  3. Increasing it to 12,500 TL.


It has been learned that Minister Işıkhan made a presentation on the issue of a flat-rate increase for retirees at a cabinet meeting. Vedat Işıkhan continues his efforts to improve the situation of retirees. The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will work on these proposals. Whichever of the three alternatives is accepted will be reflected in the salaries of our retirees after it becomes law in the Parliament. If the salary of our retirees, who will receive 10,000 TL, is increased to 12,000 TL, 3.8 million retirees will benefit from it. If it is increased to 12,500 TL, more than 4 million of our retirees will benefit from it.


Meanwhile, civil servants and retired civil servants will receive a 19.31% inflation difference increase in July. Memur-Sen believes that this rate is insufficient. Ali Yalçın, the President of Memur-Sen, who says that an additional increase should be made for civil servants and retirees, stated, "We predict that the rate of 19.31% as the improvement rate of the current figure will be challenging for the employees in the long run. We hope that inflation will decrease. Because no matter how much increase you receive, if you cannot achieve low inflation and market stability, the increase you receive will go to waste."

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