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'Why Aren't People Talking About Palestine?': Father Of Gaza Children Aid Initiator

17.04.2024 14:57

Initiated by 10 year old student Amaya Rahman, aid campaign for Gaza's children raises around $10,000.

A 10-year-old student, Amaya Rahman from a primary school in London, initiated a fundraising campaign for children in Gaza, raising just under £8,000 (around $10,000).

Speaking to an Anadolu reporter, along with her father Weybudur Rahman, Amaya said: "The day I decided to do my fundraiser was a day when I just had enough of everybody and then I sat down and thought to myself, what can I do? So, then I went to talk to my head teacher."

Amaya stressed the crucial support of the head teacher during the campaign, adding: "It was actually my head teacher that helped me organize this and without his help, I wouldn't even be here today."

Initially aiming to raise £6,000, she said: "So, in November, on the coldest night, we did a sleep out in our school playground to raise money for the children in Gaza for Save the Children."

She underlined that "someone" from the international NGO Save The Children had spoken to her and assured her that the money collected "is just enough money to provide a safe space for the children in Gaza."

"So, hopefully, all the money will go to that," she added.

'Hoping there will never be war like this ever again'

Amaya said that when she decided to start the fundraising campaign for Gazan children, some of her friends questioned her initiative, but many others supported her.

"Most of them came up to me and asked 'whose side are you on?' Some people were like rude to me about it, but the best thing to do was ignore them," she said.

Emphasizing that the campaign is ongoing and her goal is to organize more fundraising events, she added: "I hope to do more fundraisers, make this an annual thing at my school and also for the kids in Palestine and there will never be a war like this ever again."

Amaya expressed her desire to inspire other children who want to support children from Gaza, saying: "Just go with your heart. If something's telling you to do, if you feel like you can do it, then do it.

"If someone tells you no, that doesn't mean you can't do it. That means there's another possible way you can do it."

'Why aren't people talking about Palestine?'

Father Rahman, for his part, said his daughter's insistence and determination greatly impressed the school principal and played a significant role in initiating the donation campaign.

Explaining the reason behind Amaya starting the campaign, he said: "I think it's just the unjustness kind of thing. Because obviously she's seen, like, people, you know, raise money for Ukraine when things happen in Ukraine.

"Why aren't people talking about Palestine? ... Why is it not happening for Palestine?"

He continued: "When we went to a local store, ... they had Ukrainian balloons, and they were donating a portion of their income to Ukraine.

"And she, even then, ... asked the manager there, 'why don't you do something for Palestine,' (while) you've done it for Ukraine?"

He added: "And the head ... there said, 'yeah, it's down to the head office,' (so he) ... brushed her off."

Rahman expressed that the best thing is his daughter's energy and enthusiasm to ensure that what she wants to do and what is right are done.

*Writing by Serdar Dincel from Istanbul -

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