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2 police officers and a security guard sentenced to prison in the death of child abuse suspect.

2 police officers and a security guard sentenced to prison in the death of child abuse suspect.

22.05.2024 17:27

A decision has been made in the ongoing trial regarding the death of the person who allegedly sexually abused two children in Zonguldak in 2023 and died while being brought to Zonguldak from Istanbul in a police car due to illness. The court sentenced 2 police officers and 1 security guard to 21 years of imprisonment each. The families of the police officers reacted to the decision with tears.

Two police officers and a security guard, who were arrested in connection with the death of one of the two suspects who allegedly sexually abused two children in Zonguldak, were sentenced to 21 years in prison each.

The incident occurred in May 2023 in the Çaycuma district of Zonguldak. Furkan Sevinç, who was visiting Meryem Ö.'s house, spent the night there. The next day, Meryem Ö. went to the market with her 8-year-old daughter. Allegedly, Furkan Sevinç sexually abused 2-year-old Nisanur Ö. while they were alone at home. Sevinç tried to wake up the unconscious baby by slapping her, but when he couldn't, he took her to the hospital on foot. Sevinç told the doctors that he was the child's uncle and that she had fainted. Despite the interventions, the baby died. When it was determined that the deceased baby had been subjected to sexual abuse, Meryem Ö. and Furkan Sevinç were arrested.

As a result of extensive investigations by the police, it was revealed that the 8-year-old sister of the deceased baby, R.Ö., had also been subjected to sexual abuse. It was alleged that 5 suspects were involved in this incident. Three of these suspects were arrested, while it was determined that the other two were in Istanbul. Metin Sucu (49) and Ahmet G. (50), who were identified as being involved in the incident, were captured in Istanbul on May 22. The suspects were taken by the Çaycuma District Police Department teams and sent to Zonguldak.

While the police vehicle was traveling on the highway in Derince district of Kocaeli, the suspects complained that their handcuffs were tight and causing them pain, so the vehicle stopped. Allegedly, one of the suspects, Metin Sucu, got out of the vehicle and escaped after his handcuffs were removed. At that moment, police officer M.E.C. (34) and security guard U.O. (36) caught the suspect and put him back in the police car. As the team continued on their way, the suspects allegedly started causing trouble. The team calmed down the suspects and continued on their way. After a while, when the suspects became ill, the team took them to the nearest hospital. Despite the intervention at the hospital, Metin Sucu, whose heart stopped, died. Police officers M.E.C., M.Y. (41), and security guard U.O. were arrested for "negligence of duty" and "causing death". The other suspect, Ahmet G., who completed his treatment, was also arrested by the court in Çaycuma. It was later learned that Ahmet G. was released.

Police officer M.E.C., who was on trial along with police officers M.Y. and security guard U.O. for "negligence of duty" and "causing death" charges, expressed his regret during the trial. M.E.C. said, "We did not want the incident to happen like this. We just did our duty. We intervened proportionally because the suspects escaped. I am sorry that the incident ended like this."

M.Y., who expressed his sadness, said, "We are sorry, this situation deeply shook us. We did our duty against the trouble caused. The hospital staff acted indifferent because they heard that the suspects were arrested for sexual abuse. They said, 'We will only fulfill the legal process.' Me and my colleagues did everything we could. I regret that the incident ended like this. We made great efforts to prevent his death." Security guard U.O. said, "When the incident was first heard, the public got agitated and tried to lynch us, but we stopped them. Why would we do such a thing in this situation? I agree with what the other suspects said."

The court sentenced the three defendants to 18 years each for the crime of "causing death by qualified intentional injury" against Metin Sucu, and 3 years each for the crime of "intentional injury" against Ahmet G. The defendants were sentenced to a total of 21 years each. The family burst into tears and reacted to the verdict.

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