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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile, Says South Korea

02.04.2024 02:57

Japanese prime minister’s office also confirms that Pyongyang launched 'suspected' ballistic missile, without sharing further information.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the East Sea, the South Korean military said early Tuesday.

The launch came about two weeks after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un witnessed firing drills involving "super-large" multiple rocket launchers in the country's western region, according to state media.

Kim warned that if war breaks out, there will be "disastrous consequences."

The Japanese prime minister's office also confirmed that North Korea launched a "suspected" ballistic missile, without sharing further information.

Pyongyang had fired a new surface-to-sea cruise missile, the Padasuri-6, from its eastern coast on Feb. 14, while it launched its first ballistic missile this year on Jan. 14. -

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