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Pucca's landlord shared photos and erupted in anger: "I got rid of her, I feel sorry for the new landlord."

Pucca's landlord shared photos and erupted in anger:

24.05.2024 12:01

Writer Selen Pınar Işık, known as Pucca, moved out of the apartment she was in after getting into a legal dispute with the landlord due to not paying the rent. The landlord, who claimed that Işık left the house in an unusable condition, said, "I got rid of her, but I really feel sorry for the new landlord."

Jale Tuncer, the landlord of Selen Pınar Işık, also known as Pucca, had filed a lawsuit against her for not paying the rent for 16 months. Tuncer stated in her latest post that Işık had moved out of the house but had made it unusable.

Jale Tuncer, who claimed to be Pucca's landlord, shared images of her house on her X account and said, "What's left from dear Pucca. I got rid of her, but I feel really sorry for the new landlord. I will share all the damages caused by the photos and videos here." Tuncer shared images of damaged walls, bathroom, and sockets, and used the following expressions: "19 months of unpaid rent, unpaid dues, non-working refrigerator, oven and dishwasher that cannot be opened due to the smell, cupboard doors that were not left as we delivered, removed sockets, doors that have been damaged, disabled smart home system, and the house that was abandoned without even a silent apology."

In her continuation of the statement, the landlord said, "In the last 10 years, we have changed 8 houses due to work reasons. I have never upset even a single landlord. We left without even leaving a speck of dust behind. I am receiving messages from people I know and don't know about the issue that has come up about the person I don't even want to mention the name of, asking about the current situation. I will answer all of them."

The images shared by the landlord can be seen in the links provided.

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