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UN General Assembly President Vows To Support Peace-Building In South Sudan

15.06.2024 02:27

UN system, General Assembly, firmly stands with people of South Sudan, Denis Francis says in Juba.

The President of the United Nations General Assembly Denis Francis vowed Friday to support peace-building efforts in South Sudan.

"As President of the General Assembly, this visit is therefore an important opportunity for me to come and to learn first-hand about both the progress and challenges faced by the people of the Republic of South Sudan as well as what more in terms of support the UN and the international community can offer," Francis said in a news conference in the nation's capital of Juba.

He said since independence, South Sudan has undoubtedly faced challenges but has persevered and in recent years made significant progress to build lasting peace and achieve sustainable development.

The UN system and the General Assembly, which he leads, firmly stands with the people of South Sudan, he said.

"We stand with all those living through, or recovering from, instability or conflict. We stand with the people of the Republic of South Sudan, including those who are internally displaced, not by any choice of their own. And we stand with people and communities living on the frontlines of some of our gravest challenges, be it natural, manmade or otherwise," he said.

He added that as the head of the General Assembly, his door is open to help build peace, progress, prosperity and sustainability for all in South Sudan, in the wider region, including in neighboring Sudan, which is witnessing an unprecedented escalation of violence that must stop.

Francis arrived Wednesday in South Sudan and met Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramadan Abdalla Goc Ayuel and other Cabinet ministers.

He held meetings with senior leaders from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, women peacekeepers and the UN country team to express his support, and that of the General Assembly, for the work of the peacekeeping mission and the wider UN family.

Since war erupted in South Sudan in December 2013, nearly 4 million people have been displaced and half of the population are facing extreme hunger. -

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