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UN Special Envoy Libya Announces Resignation

16.04.2024 21:27

Abdoulaye Bathily says he submitted resignation to UN chief Antonio Guterres.

UN's Special Representative for Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, announced Tuesday that he has submitted his resignation to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

He told reporters at the UN that the situation in Libya has deteriorated in recent months and cited two reasons.

"The first one is lack of political will and good faith by two major Libyan actors who are comfortable with the current stalemate, which have been going on in Libya since 2011," he said. The second is "the emerging international dynamic and regional dynamics."

Emphasizing that Libya has turned into a "battleground," the envoy noted that external actors are active in the country.

He warned about Libya coming to the brink of losing its sovereignty and stressed that the UN has been trying to prevent it, but efforts by external actors are undermining the UN's efforts.

Noting the significant role of the Security Council, Bathily said, "The Security Council should take responsibility because it is the Security Council in 2011 decided to intervene in Libya.And up until now, instead of the situation improving, it is worsening in spite of all the efforts, lack of coordination of member states."

Bathily cited current circumstances and noted it is not possible for the UN to successfully work toward a solution.

"I did tender my resignation to the secretary general ... it's up to the secretary general to draw the conclusions," he added. -

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