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French Police Disperse Demonstrators Opposing Massive Warehouse Project

26.05.2024 03:57

58 protesters detained as demonstrators cite environmental concerns.

Police intervened with pepper spray against demonstrators who marched against a massive warehouse project planned for the Paris suburb of Gennevilliers.

Opponents of the 600-meter (0.37-mile) long and 25-meter (82-foot) high project, gathered in Gennevilliers, including environmental protesters, to demand that the project be abandoned due to its harmful effects on the environment.

Police intervened with pepper spray against demonstrators and sat down activists they caught on the sidewalk in the town of L'Ile-Saint-Denis.

Authorities handcuffed demonstrators and laid them face down with their hands behind their backs.

Media reports said 58 demonstrators who separated from the procession and headed toward a garden during the march were detained.

One person who was injured in the demonstration was taken to the hospital.

*Writing by Alperen Aktas from Istanbul -

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