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Slovak Farmers Protest EU Agricultural Policy

22.02.2024 22:12

Farmers express concern over duty free importation of agricultural products, especially from Ukraine, Latin America.

Hundreds of farmers in eastern Slovakia on Thursday used their tractors to protest the EU's agricultural policy.

Slovak farmers staged a protest with their tractors in Kosice city, the economic and cultural center of eastern Slovakia.

The demonstration, organized by the Chamber of Agriculture and the Slovak Farmers Union, was one of the latest in a series of protests by farmers across Europe against EU policies.

Criticizing the bloc's policies, leaders of the chamber and union expressed concern over the Green Deal conditions and the duty-free importation of agricultural products, especially from Ukraine and Latin America.

Protest in Czech Republic

Separately, Czech farmers took coordinated action for the same reason, criticizing the bloc's agricultural policy, particularly imports and checks.

About 3,000 farmers protested across the country, including areas bordering Slovakia, Poland, and Germany, the Czech Chamber of Agriculture said in a statement.

Earlier this week, the Czech capital of Prague saw a huge demonstration attended by a large number of farmers.

The protests came amid massive farmers' mobilizations in France, Belgium, and other EU countries, with many of the complaints directed at EU regulations. -

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