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Trump, Biden Sweep Primary Elections In 4 US States, Haley Still Receiving Votes

03.04.2024 07:27

Delaware canceled primaries because both candidates ran uncontested in that state.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump took another victory lap on Tuesday as both men made a clean sweep of primary elections taking place in four US states, according to media outlets.

Biden's biggest numbers came in New York, where he was victorious in the Democratic primary with 91% of the vote. Trump easily won the Republican primary with 81% of the vote. But former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who dropped out of the Republican presidential race after the Super Tuesday primaries, still received 13% of the vote.

In Connecticut, Biden won with 85% of the tally. Trump received 78%, while Haley again took home 13%.

Wisconsin voters gave Biden an easy win with 87% of the vote. That key battleground state is where Trump scored his lowest numbers of the four primaries with 77% and Haley received 12% of the vote.

Trump's largest victory came in Rhode Island, where he garnered 84% of the vote, while Haley received her lowest tally with 10%. Biden won with 82% of the vote.

Delaware canceled both its Republican and Democratic primaries because Trump and Biden ran uncontested. The two men received all of the delegates from that state.

The remaining primaries are merely a formality, as both candidates have already secured the required amount of delegates to receive their respective party's nominations.

Trump's delegate total is currently at 1,855 which is well beyond the 1,215 delegates needed for the Republican nomination.

Biden's delegate count sits at 3,027, which has also well-surpassed the 1,968 delegates required for the Democratic nomination.

Trump and Biden are on a collision-course for the 2024 presidential election, which will be held on Nov. 5. The head-to-head contest is a rematch of the 2020 election which Biden won. Trump tried to overturn the results, claiming the election was rigged, and the former president continues to push that baseless claim even though it has been disproven by election officials.

Trump will officially accept his party's nomination in July at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Biden will officially be nominated in August at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. -

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