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Commonwealth Games Open In Scotland Commonwealth Games Open In Scotland
Athletes from 71 nations have begun the 20th Commonwealth Games in Scotland. A minute of the opening ceremony was dedicated in silence to victims of the Malaysia Airlines disaster over Ukraine. Queen Elizabeth II opened 11 days of contest involving 4,500 athletes during a colorful ceremony at Glasgo...
Lithuania Gets Final Approval To Adopt Euro Currency Lithuania Gets Final Approval To Adopt Euro Currency
EU ministers have given the final stamp of approval for Lithuania to join the eurozone next year. Amid fears of unjustified price hikes, the Baltic state will be the 19th nation to adopt the single currency. Lithuania's adoption of the euro currency was finalized on Wednesday as European Union minis...
First Bodies Of MH17 Victims Arrive In Netherlands First Bodies Of MH17 Victims Arrive In Netherlands
Military planes carrying some of the bodies of victims from crashed flight MH17 have arrived in the Netherlands. The bodies were given a high-level official reception before being taken away for identification. The first bodies of victims from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have arrived in the Netherla...
Some 33 Percent Of Iranian Females Marry While Underage Some 33 Percent Of Iranian Females Marry While Underage
In its new report published on July 22, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned about prevalence of the child marriage around the world.
11:57 'Pariah' Putin?
Despite the fact that the international investigation into the cause of the tragic MH17 plane crash in Ukraine that has left nearly 300 people dead has not yet properly begun, the conclusion already seems to have been decided -- Russia is guilty.This tragedy came after months of demands for Russia t...
11:57 The Gaza Tragedy
The Palestinian issue has served two main purposes. In the Middle East, Muslim rulers have hidden behind Israel's cruel measures and resistance to grant statehood to the Palestinians, rallying their disgruntled people against the Jewish state to distract them from problems in their own countries. Se...
11:51 765,000 Syrian Children Living In Hard To Reach Areas Wait For Polio Vaccine
The United Nations needs "regular access" to vaccinate 765,000 Syrian children living in hard to reach places against polio in a bid to stop the disease spreading further in the country, according to a report released today by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, the United Nations Childr...
11:03 China Seals Off Parts Of City After Plague Death
38 year old in city of Yumen in Gansu province died July 16 after being infected with bubonic plague by a wild rodent.
Over 100 Candidates To Compete For Iraqi Presidency Over 100 Candidates To Compete For Iraqi Presidency
More than 100 candidates are vying for the Iraqi presidency as lawmakers prepare to choose the nation 's new leadership, and build an inclusive government while the country is severely divided by sectarian rifts and grappling with an ongoing Islamist insurgency, Xinhua reported.
Militant Groups Encumber Syria Aid Efforts Militant Groups Encumber Syria Aid Efforts
More than 10 million people in Syria are in need of assistance. International aid organizations are doing their best to reduce suffering there - but armed opposition groups are hindering their work. The United Nations estimates that 10 million Syrians currently need assistance - but international ai...
18:19 Un Chief Condemns Palestinian Rocket Fire At Israel
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon condemned Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and what he described as the use of schools, hospitals and mosques for military purposes.
EU To Discuss Punishing Putin Following MH17 Crash EU To Discuss Punishing Putin Following MH17 Crash
The EU's foreign ministers are meeting to discuss new sanctions on Russia following the destruction of the MH17 passenger plane. Only the Netherlands - of all nations - is delaying proceedings. "I'd like to arrange a funeral, but I can't. I don't know where they are," a distraught Silene Fredriksz s...
Eurozone Public Debt Surges Eurozone Public Debt Surges
Public debt in the 18-member eurozone soared to a record high in the first quarter of 2014. The embattled economies of southern European nations accounted for much of the increase. The collective debt of countries sharing the euro currency edged up in the first three months of the year, following ha...
'Shock And Horror' In Malaysia After MH17 Ukraine Crash 'Shock And Horror' In Malaysia After MH17 Ukraine Crash
The downing of Flight MH17 marks the second tragedy to hit Malaysia within a span of few months. Jahabar Sadiq, editor of The Malaysian Insider, tells DW that the mood in the Southeast Asian nation is grim. Months after Malaysia Airlines MH370 vanished without a trace causing anguish to many Malaysi...
16:04 Eurozone's Debt Rises In Q1 Despite Years Of Austerity
Increase across 18 nations follows two quarters of falling debt.
12:31 UN Spokesperson Holds Briefing On Latest Situation In Gaza
A United Nations (UN) spokesperson said on Monday (21 July) that the UN agency charged with ensuring the well-being of Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) is now housing up to 80,000 people in its various shelters and relief centers and UNRWA's schools, representing about the five percent of the entire pop...
12:29 'PM Treats The Gaza Conflict As An Issue Between Jews And Muslims'
With regard to the military attack launched by Israel two weeks ago on the Palestinian Gaza Strip which has left around 400 civilians dead, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at Western countries, the United Nations and also Muslim countries for not taking action. Designating the att...
12:19 Turkey's Foreign Policy In Serious Disarray
Realistically speaking, no single nation has the power to solve the long-standing dispute between Palestine and Israel in the Middle East alone since the latter began a ground invasion over the weekend against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip following 10 days of air bombardment. Israel initiated the...
06:18 Israel Didn't Answer Un's 5-Hour Ceasefire Bid: Hamas
A senior Hamas leader said that the United Nations has called for a five hour humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not respond to the proposal.
South Sudan Rebels Violate Ceasefire South Sudan Rebels Violate Ceasefire
Rebels in South Sudan have once again launched an offensive in the strategic town of Nasir, infringing the latest ceasefire agreement signed in Addis Ababa. Reports by United Nations said South Sudanese rebels have once again clashed with government troops in efforts to gain control over the norther...

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'Father Of AIDS Research' Dead In MH17 Crash 'Father Of AIDS Research' Dead In MH17 Crash