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18:29 President Erdogan To Visit France
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to be in Paris for a one-day working visit on Friday.About two weeks ago, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu was in France to prepare for President Erdogan's visit. Following Çavusoglu's visit, EU Affairs Minister Volkan Bozkir met last week with French gov...
18:28 Illegal Construction Near Validebag Grove Halted
The illegal construction of a mosque near the entrance of Validebag Grove in Istanbul's Üsküdar district which has been the subject of growing controversy since last week came to a halt again on Thursday. On early Tuesday morning of last week, excavators entered the Altunizade neighborhood with the ...
17:48 After Poll, Tunisia's Ennahda Fears 'Return To Despotism'
Tunisia's Ennahda party came second in last week's parliamentary elections after Nidaa Tounes party which features members of ousted president Ben Ali's regime.
German Publishers Vs. Google German Publishers Vs. Google
Newspapers find it difficult to make money online, and German publishers are no exception. They want Google to pay for displaying their articles. But the attempt has backfired. In the 1990s, Volkswagen advertised its cars in the US with the German word "Fahrvergnügen" (pleasure of driving). Though d...
Scramble For Bundesliga's Second Prize Scramble For Bundesliga's Second Prize
The two "Bayern-chasers" meet on Sunday looking to edge closer to the German champions. The result in Munich the night before may have a bearing on the outcome of the game in Gladbach. At the moment, they are the best of the rest, unbeaten in nine league matches. This Sunday, Borussia Mönchengladbac...
Smart Drugs: The Nonchalance Of Getting Ahead Smart Drugs: The Nonchalance Of Getting Ahead
Smart drugs may offer an easy way to do better at university. But first-hand experience remains a much better teacher, argues Life Links' Caroline Schmitt. It's 9.30pm and an aggressive fatigue is creeping over me. I hang up the phone after speaking to the last person of six about why they consume s...
15:18 Moscow Hosts Atomex 2014 Nuclear Exhibition
More than 400 Russian and foreign companies to attend nuclear exhibition in Moscow.
15:17 Nigerian Kidnappers 'Free German National'
Nigerian gunmen have freed a German citizen whom they kidnapped almost a week ago, according to the construction company the man works for. Another German employee was killed in last week's raid. A German national working for construction firm Julius Berger who was kidnapped last week by Nigerian gu...
15:03 Myanmar Gov't, Military To Hold Talks With Ethnic Groups
Groups representing persecuted Rohingya Muslims excluded from Friday talks on democratic reforms, national reconciliation and peace talks.
13:03 Turkey: 18 Miners Remain Trapped Inside Flooded Mine
'We hope to reach the trapped miners as soon as possible, our prayers are with them:' Turkey's EU Minister Volkan Bozkir said on Thursday.
11:56 Housing Issues
Trundling up the hill on my way back from the shops recently, I rounded a corner and bumped into one of my last remaining neighbors heaving a mattress through the gate of a house other than the one in which I normally see her. “We had to move,” she explained when I looked at her quizzically. “They'...
11:51 Turkey's Kobani Dilemma
Turkey has chosen to cooperate half-heartedly with the United States, allowing the peshmerga (armed Kurdish fighters of northern Iraq) to cross over using Turkish territory to join their kinsmen in order to defend the northern Syrian city of Ain al-Arab, called Kobani by the Kurds, against the fight...
Stress Test In China? Stress Test In China?
Chinese regulators followed the recent stress tests of European banks with keen interest. The results might well have implications for Chinese banks, says DW columnist Frank Sieren. Beijing was eager to hear the results of the fiscal health check-up for 130 banks in Europe announced last weekend. Wh...
11:33 Turkey's Tourism Revenue Up 11 Percent To $12.9 Billion
Turkey was the world's sixth top destination in terms of tourist numbers last year, according to the World Tourism Organization.
10:18 Wild Siberian Tiger Attacks Calf In Northeast China
'Kuzya' one of 3 Siberian tigers Russia's president freed into wild last May believed to be in area.
10:18 Call Of Tunisia Wins Most Parliament Seats: Commission
The centrist Call of Tunisia party won 85 seats in last week's parliamentary election, while the Islamist Ennahda movement garnered 69 seats, Tunisia's electoral commission announced Thursday.
One Year After Typhoon Haiyan: What Has Changed? One Year After Typhoon Haiyan: What Has Changed?
Last year, Typhoon Haiyan wreaked havoc in the Philippines, claiming the lives of thousands. Steven Rood tells DW the affected areas have recovered much from the country's worst natural disaster, but challenges remain.
Chipenzi: Sata 'Missed An Opportunity To Leave A Legacy' Chipenzi: Sata 'Missed An Opportunity To Leave A Legacy'
Zambia's President Michael Sata has died. He had been in power since 2011 when his party Patriotic Front won a national election. He missed Zambia's 50th independence celebrations last week because of ill-heath. DW: What will President Michael Sata be remembered for? McDonald Chipenzi: Firstly, we m...
16:45 Judges, Prosecutors Face Unprecedented Mobbing, Penal Judge Of Peace Says
A penal judge of peace in Eskisehir province who recently applied to the Constitutional Court asking for the abolishment of the controversial system of having criminal judges of peace has said Turkish judges and prosecutors are facing unprecedented mobbing over their rulings and actions. Kemal Karan...
16:36 Turkey Marks 91St Anniversary Of Republic Day
There are ceremonies across the country on Wednesday to mark the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.The celebrations began with an official ceremony in the Turkish capital, attended by top political leaders and military commanders. The ceremony took place at Anitkabir, the maus...

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